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          Executive Security Group, a private company that provides safe and effective solutions to the growing security concerns that effect our businesses, schools, and homes, would like to thank you for your inquiry about our organization. Our services include, but are not limited to, contract armed and unarmed security officers, executive/dignitary protection services, K9 detection teams, K9 protection teams, and private investigations. Executive Security Group offers the absolute best protection available to our clients. The professionalism, training, and skills exhibited by our agents meet the highest standards possible.
          Executive Security Group's objectives include prevention of intentional injury as well as unintentional injury (accidental or otherwise) to our client, his/her family, residence, business, or any other asset deemed necessary. Many people are under the impression that they or their assets are not enough at risk to consider advanced security measures. The unfortunate truth is that all one needs to do is read the morning newspaper to realize that violence in the workplace, and on the street is rising. The FBI Uniform Crime Report verifies that violent crime is increasing annually in our nation. Domestic and now foreign terrorism is a valid concern within our borders. Corporations are now finding it necessary to increase their awareness as well as their security assets in order to maintain employee productivity and protect their assets. Executive Security Group offers effective means of doing as such.
K-9 Services
training           The Executive Security Group K9 Division is available for independent contract work or can be integrated into your current protection plan. Our K9 units can provide Explosive Ordnance Detection services, conduct narcotics searches, or can be used as a protective service detail asset for team and principal protection.




grenade           Explosive Ordnance Detection - For security reasons, we limit the amount of information we provide publicly about the capabilities of our Explosive Ordnance Detection dogs; however, our animals are trained to detect even trace amounts of both common and uncommon ordnance. Commonly found explosives include:
• Commercial & Military Dynamite



• C-4 Plastic Explosive

• Potassium/Sodium Chlorate

• Water Gel

• Smokeless & Black Powder

• Det Cord

         Our handlers and K9's are trained in the detection of these items and can conduct detailed searches on automobiles, aircraft, maritime vessels, offices, warehouses, homes, or any other area, public or private. Our K9's can conduct these sweeps in far less time than it would take two or more human agents, and do it more thoroughly. Therefore, the canine detection approach is a cost-effective, safe, quick way to determine if there has been any bomb activity, and a great deterrent for any such activity in the future. A bomb dog is the most reliable tool on the market pertaining to detecting explosive devices in any environment. Unlike humans, who rely on sight, a K9 relies upon scent only. A K9 can detect devices that are concealed in briefcases, planters, or any other common furnishings. The dog can go anywhere and sniff anything, under any conditions.

marijuana           Narcotics Detection - Executive Security Group provides a safe and effective solution to the growing narcotics problems found in our businesses and schools. Our teams of narcotic detection handlers and K9s serve as a tremendous deterrent to enhance your current drug-free program and help to enforce your zero-tolerance policies towards drug abuse. Random searches can be conducted in work areas, on lockers, vehicles, company property and common areas. Due to the fact that we are a private company, and not affiliated with a law enforcement agency, we are not bound to police constraints such as probable cause and search warrants. We work at your direction, and our services are offered with complete discretion and confidentiality. We conduct the search, but leave any legal or disciplinary action to you as an employer or administrator, leaving intact your employees fourth and fourteenth amendment rights protecting against illegal or unreasonable searches and seizures and the deprivation of liberty without due process of law respectfully.



A few things every executive should know about drugs in the workplace:
  • • Horton v. Goose Creek Ind. School Dist., 690 F. 2d 470, 477 (5th Cir.
  •    1982) "The dogs sniffing of student lockers in public hallways and automobiles
  •    parked in public parking lots did not constitute a search."
  • • $100,000,000,000 = The annual estimated cost to U.S. industry due to
  •    substance abuse (U.S. Department of Labor)
  • drugs• Bureau Of Labor Statistics Studies of 1,355 job related deaths,
  •    214 tested positive for illicit drugs or alcohol use.
  • • Drug abusing employees are 3.6 times more likely to be injured
  •    on the job, and have health care expenditures for their families
  •    that are over double that of non-abusing employees.
          Tactical K9 / Handler Teams - Our protection K9's rate among the top working dogs in the world. Experienced and trained far beyond the capabilities of the vast majority of law enforcement and military dogs, our K9's have real world experience, and have worked in live theaters, training exercise conducting counter-terrorist operations all over the world. Trained in crowd control techniques, handler protection, estate security, dignitary protection, and many other aspects of tactical operations, our dogs are capable of going anywhere, under any conditions, and will protect their principal at all costs. Fearless and unrelenting, these K9's will perform regardless of circumstances, and yet are stable and friendly enough to play with your children or can work in crowded, busy environments without fear or risk of inappropriate behavior from the animals. Many of our K9 teams are cross trained and can conduct both protective service missions as well as explosive searches. These teams provide unique and invaluable services to our clients, and can be used for both long and short term missions to ensure continual safety under even the most high risk conditions.






There is NO substitute for EXPERIENCE




"Sandow" is an experienced Counter-Terrorist/Hostage Rescue/Explosive Ordnance Detection dog. Famous in Israel for performing his duties as such, he has also completed live missions in Cambodia, and Turkey. Many companies claim to have protection and explosive ordnance K9's. Few have dogs with any real world experience. "Sandow" is a proven TACTICAL Counter-Terrorist K9 and carries a live theater designation. Would you trust your life, the safety of your family, corporate executives, personal or company assets to anything less?



Executive / Dignitary Protection

bodyguards           It is a sad commentary on our time that incidents of violence continue to escalate. It is a disturbing but undeniable fact that political and criminal violence is an ever growing threat to the fabric of society. Assassination attempts, bombing incidents, and kidnappings are so commonplace that they go virtually unrecorded by the world's news media. Industrial, governmental and military leaders are being forced to safeguard their personal security. Unfortunately, the responsibility for this protection often falls to those without sufficient qualifications for this complex task.

          Executive Protection consists of much more than the visible working shift. It begins with an understanding of the possible threats and includes the initial assessment, daily protective detail operations, advance security preparations, technical support and finally intelligence input. Executive Protection, to be effective, must be carefully organized, thoroughly rehearsed and methodically conducted. There are no short cuts.

         Our mission is to provide clients with discrete, effective, and confidential protection, domestically and internationally. Our goal is to provide protection that will enhance, not hinder, the clients ability to do business with confidence and focus, keeping his/her edge. Our agents are versed in all aspects of protection, providing the client with the peace of mind so important in today's busy world. Leave the job of protection to the professionals.

The following services are among the many that can be provided by Executive Security Group's Close Protection Agents:

  • •  Close Protection Operations
    •  Anti-Stalking Operations
    •  Safe houses/relocation, etc.
    •  Travel security/domestic and international
    •  Emergency response planning
    •  Professional driving services - motorcades, escape and evasive specialists
    •  Advance intelligence of: hotels, restaurants, transportation services, etc.
    •  Protection from domestic and international terrorism
    •  Surveillance, Surveillance Detection, and Counter Surveillance operations



   Prior to the undertaking of any protective assignment a risk assessment is completed in order to determine the risk exposure. This involves data collection, specific threat analysis, vulnerability to kidnapping or assassination attempts, etc., and the identification of necessary counter measures.

Contract Security Services

         Executive Security Group is a fully licensed and insured provider of contract security services for both armed and unarmed guards. If your needs are not so complex as to require the services of our Dignitary/Executive Protection, or K9 Services division, contract guards are available for protection of your business assets. In addition to contract guards, patrol K9 units are also available for on site security and vehicle patrol. Our guards receive training well beyond the state required minimum, ensuring our clients that they will receive quality service that exudes professionalism in both appearance and ability.

Security Training

         Executive Security Group's trainers have provided training for the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement community, security professionals and private citizens for over 10 years. Our instructors are internationally recognized as the top in their respectiveprotective guard fields and bring years of real world experience from American Law Enforcement and military service. Specialty courses are available to law enforcement, security professionals, estate personnel, or individual non-security employees in:

  • Bomb Search and Recognition
  • Electronic Security
  • Physical Security
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Advanced Firearms
  • Defensive Driving
  • Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Weapons (Pepper spray)
  • Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Rape Prevention
  • Less Lethal Munitions
          A basic course in Executive Protection services is also available, as well as an advanced course. Additionally, Executive Security Group will design training specific to the needs of your team or organization upon request.
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